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author: Melanie Lauwers
published: 04/06/2008

Local authors turn out 13 fresh works for spring reading
"My Mind Has a Mind of Its Own," by Gordon Rouston (Cape Cod Publishing, P.O. Box 1062, Mashpee, MA 02649, ISBN 0-980-16354-4, 207 pages, $15.95)

Gordon Rouston of Mashpee has a lot on his mind in his memoir, "My Mind Has a Mind of Its Own." In fact, he founded his own publishing company, Cape Cod Publishing, to make sure he retained control over each thought and word. Rouston's subject is addiction and alcoholism, and he uses his own devastating experiences with drugs and alcohol to exhort others not to follow the path he took before hitting bottom and finding a way back up to sobriety and success. Rouston has worked with small and large groups around the country to bring the joy of sobriety to those struggling with addiction issues.

author: John T. Hough, Jr.
published: 03/28/2008

In a preface Mr. Rouston explains that he is an alcoholic who, with Gods help, has kicked, "this terrible obsession." He goes on: "Obviously you have picked up this book and started to read because you too have this soul sickness...." But Mr. Rouston underestimates his book. Yes, My Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own is a cautionary tale, but anyone who picks it up is going to enjoy the ride.

No wonder God loves Mr. Rouston. The man has a redeeming sense of humor.

Mr. Rouston is a public speaker, the sharer of his life story and the message therein, and I would recommend him.

author: Patti Renwick
published: 12/27/2010
5.0 out of 5 stars "My Mind Has A Mind of It's Own.....and took this author in an amazing direction., December 27, 2010 By Patti Renwick (Wilcox, Saskatchewan, CA) - See all my reviews This review is from: My Mind Has A Mind Of Its own (Paperback) I thoroughly enjoyed this book. For those of us who deal with addictions, either personally or with family members, Gordon's story touches deeply and gives insight into the mind of an addict. For those of us who like to be "fixers" he teaches us that there is no talking to an addiction. They are on their own journey and are often hindered by "fixers". God is the "Fixer" when addiction finally loses it's head of steam and puts people into dark places .... where there is nothing but the hope of a God to redeem and be in a place of feeling normal and forgiven.. You will laugh....and you will cry. But best of all you will rejoice at the events that brought Gordon to realize his mind had lost control and he could not 'fix', even if he wanted to.. Only Jesus Christ and the finished work of the Cross, coupled up with a 12 step program that is spiritually based and common sense, took him in a very positive direction. Free to live and love again and to know that he is loved By our Creator with a Grace that is indescribable. He is now very aware that he has no control except to trust the circumstances to our God. And move on in a beautiful and sharing book for others to read and learn. Thankyou Gordon, for the privilege of being able to read this book. And to be able to count you as a friend...Everyone wants to be your friend that has an insight to the amazing situations and journey and the richness of your sharing. Patti Renwick

author: John Dixon
published: 01/04/2009
My Mind Has A Mind Of Its own (Paperback) Powerful and riveting! I enjoyed his book immensely. A must read for all, and certainly for those affected by addiction. It is well-told from the insanity, chaos, and misery of a life in active addiction, to the message of hope that awaits ALL of us. You will find it uplifting. Just read it, then give it to another. Gordon is easliy accessible too, for autographs, and book signings! He signed three for me! I gave them as gifts, and kept one. A great guy, and a great book. What more can I say?

author: Karen
published: 01/16/2006
My Mind Has a Mind of Its Own (Paperback) I am not an avid reader, but from the preface on, I could not put the book down. It is a compelling account of an individual's dark journey through addiction and loss.

author: Reg Rose
published: 03/06/2010
My Mind Has A Mind Of Its own (Paperback) I,like others who have read this book, could not put the book down. What reads like fiction, is a real life account of one man's journey through the valley of addiction and loss. It is very inspirational and a must read for those looking for answers for the way out. I highly recommend giving this a read.

author: Radio Talk Show Host
published: 08/30/2013
Love the book, a must read, awesome story, I cried, laughed and could not put it down. really explains the Steps of AA and how he works them on a daily basis.