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Sheriff John F. DeMello - Director Alcohol and Drug Program/Sheriff of Barnstable County," Gordon Rouston is to a large extent responsible for the success of this institutions drug and alcohol program, he exhibits an honesty and openness rarely found in an individual."

Sacred Heart Rehabilation Center/Detroit, Michigan - Completed 22 weeks extensive drug and alcohol rehabilation program based on Alocholics Anonymous twelve step program.

University of Detroit, Jerry Tobias-Professor of Education - "Gordon Rouston addressed a class in substance abuse in so doing he painted a very vivid picture of the problems associated with substance abuse"

Franklin Community Church, Reverend J. Chester Studs - "Gordon Rouston assisted me in developing a ministry for single young adults and found him to be of strong moral character and vision. He worked with a wide variety of people and witnessed his compassion, ethics and unselfishness."

Cape Cod Community College, John Knight, Chairman Hotel/Restaurant Management Program - "Your presentation "Selling One's Self"' was certainly beneficial to the students, your approach to the subject was most dynamic and you certainly have a flair for motivating an audience."

Richard Simmons - "Thank you for the poem, 'LIFE', I am so happy your life is going well, your up and positive attitude really made my day."

WQRC, Panorama - "Thank you for the time you gave us to discuss alcoholism on our Sunday evening panorama program"

"My Mind Has A Mind of Its Own" - Best Personal Testimony of the Year 2006 - Dear Gordon,
Throughout the year we have read all the books featured on our site, Christian Story Teller, and from this list we have selected your book for an award. It is my pleasure to present you with this award, somewhere someone needs to read what you have written. May you enjoy success with your book and remember, all you have to do is sell one book at a time.
Christian Storyteller

In The Rooms - BOOK OF THE MONTH ITR March 2010

take12radio interview - Monty, "This man should be dead, a must read.