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Author Biography

Gordon had it all or so it appeared on the outside. Then everything spiraled out of control, slowly Gordon started to lose it all in a sea of drugs and alcohol.


From social drinker, the life of the party, hanging out with the rich and famous, accomplished equestrian, playing polo, wintering in Palm Beach, to the disease of isolation; drinking and drugging, serving time in a Navy Red Line Brig, black outs, blown up in a gas explosion, finally the end was at hand, Gordon placed the revolver in his mouth and pulled the trigger. 

Waking up in a jail cell facing two counts of attempted murder, a shoot out with the police, life as he knew it was over or was it?

The judge gave him a break, jail or treatment, twenty-two weeks later Gordon was sober and free, the hell of addiction finally over.

Gordon made a vow to God; if you save me, set me free,I will devote my life to carrying the message of sobriety, freedom and hope to the ends of the earth; he kept his promise.